Building Specifications

Floor Plate Area
Low Zone - 1,432.28 SGA
High Zone - 1,480.99 SGA

Central Core Design
Building Efficiency Ratio:
Low Zone - 85%
High Zone - 87.33%

Marketing Scheme
Strata Title and Lease

Parking Information
Parking Area:
3 Level Basement + GF Area
Ample Parking Areas

Air Conditioning
VRV System
(Individual AC Ledge)

AC & Electronic Zone
8 Zones / Floor

Main Sources: PLN
Electricity Back Up:
Full Back Up Gen-Set
Passenger Elevator
Low Zone - 5 Unit Lift (GF - 16)
High Zone - 5 Unit Lift (GF, 17 - 31)
Service Lift: 1 Unit Lift (B1, GF - 31)
Parking Lift / Elevator: 2 Unit Lift (B3 - MZ)

Structural Information
Floor to Ceiling Height:
Main Lobby - Double Height
Typical Floor - 2.9 meters
Floor Loading Capacity Typical Floor - 250 kg per sqm
Window Glass: Double-Glazed Windows

Safety & Security System
Automation Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System,
Fire Extinguishers, Heat and Smoke Detector,
2 units of emergency stairs with pressuring fans and smoke free lobbies,
earthquake sensor connected to all elevators.

Installed in certain important area and public area.

IT & Telecommunication Information
End-to-End Fiber Optic Infrastructure for
Broadband Internet, Telephone and TV Connection
Wi-Fi Internet Connection
Building Automation System